The call for proposals for concurrent sessions is closed; we continue to accept proposal submissions for consideration in the format of poster presentations.

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Lilly Conferences is committed to Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning.  The conference sub-themes include:

  • Academic Success
  • Assessment/Student Learning
  • Creating Communities of Learners
  • Course/Curriculum Design/Redesign
  • Engaging and Motivating Students
  • Innovative Pedagogical Approaches
  • Multiculturalism/Diversity/Inclusion
  • Online Learning and Teaching
  • Preparing Future Faculty
  • Service/Experiential Learning
  • STEM
  • Teaching Well with ClassroomTechnologies
  • Teaching Well Unplugged (no technology)

Lorrie Ryan Award

The Lorrie Ryan Award for Best Poster will be announced at Lunch on Saturday. Top prize is a $200 credit toward registration at Lilly – Traverse City 2015 for the poster presenter AND a $200 credit toward registration to be given by the poster presenter to any faculty member who has never been to this conference. Criteria for selection of the Poster Award will be based primarily on:

  1. Contribution to new or innovative way to approach or directly impact student learning (25%);
  2. Research and theory upon which the concept is based (25%);
  3. Likelihood participants will find the information directly useful in their own teaching(25%);
  4. Visual Presentation of the Material (25%).

About the Lorrie Ryan Award

Lorrie Ryan was an outstanding faculty member at Central Michigan University whose commitment to teaching using principles of best practices, mentoring faculty and students, and continually developing her own teaching embodied the spirit of Lilly Conferences. Lorrie passed away September 2005, following a long battle with cancer. Lorrie Ryan said that there should be a mechanism to financially support and encourage faculty who attend the Lilly Conference for the first time, in hopes that faculty could come to appreciate the value of the Lilly conference. This award attempts to honor her wish.

Winner of the Lorrie Ryan Award for Best Poster 2014:

“Two Professors’ Self-Efficacy Case Study: Creating Educational Leadership Practitioner Scholars”

Pamela Ross McClain – University of Michigan, Flint